AuroGrep 1.1

Text search and extraction tool for PDF with support for CJK and vertical writing
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Text search and extraction software for PDF documents with CJK and vertical writing scripts support.
Search regular expression or literal text by page ranges, annotation, outline and document information for opened documents or specified folders/files.
Show PDF text content, annotation, outline and document information.
Supports PDF spec v1.7.
Support UTF-8 string and annotation in PDF spec v2.0.
Support horizontal or vertical single and multi-column PDF documents.
Support 16 types of annotation.
Support RC4 and AES encrypted PDF documents.
Support password match rules for encrypted PDF documents.
Organize the PDF Text with page folding and bookmarks.
Extract the text information to text file.
Use folder pane to quickly review all the PDF Documents in the folders.
Integration with Explorers context menu and Open With menu.
Parse the PDF document independently without needing to install other PDF software.
High search performance with C++ language implementation.

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